Meet the Founder

Passionate. Unique. Loyal. Resilient.

These words are commonly used to describe Sharron S. Rouse.  A native of Prince George’s County, Maryland, she has dedicated her life to influencing the world and leaving a mark that can never be erased. 

On a beautiful, fall day in September 2006, Sharron woke up with swollen legs. Concerned, she went to the emergency room and was told that her kidneys were failing. Over time, her kidneys began to decline, and she was placed on dialysis. 

On December 2, 2013, Sharron received the gift of life (a new kidney) from her sister, Shonte’ Simpson.  

Kindness for Kidneys International, Inc. was birthed as a result of her journey with chronic kidney disease, dialysis, and now a kidney transplant. 


Sharron desires to change the face of kidney disease by sharing her story to bring hope and healing to each kidney warrior she encounters.

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